Protect your organization with advanced cybersecurity services & solutions from NGTS.

As the cyber danger scene advances with raising speed, it takes more brilliant cybersecurity administrations to effectively secure your organization. With the correct combination of cyber defense arrangements and data security innovation, you can work more effectively in a world where everything is progressively connected together.

Vulnerability Assessment

A Four-Step Guide to Vulnerability Assessment

1. Initial Assessment

2. System Baseline Definition

3. Perform the Vulnerability Scan

4. Vulnerability Assessment Report Creation

Penetration Testing

Benefits of Penetration Testing

1. Intelligently Manage Vulnerabilities

2. Avoid the Cost of Network Downtime

3. Meet Regulatory Requirements and Avoid Fines

4. Preserve Corporate Image and Customer Loyalty

Identity and Access Management

Identity and access management (IAM) is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

1. How users are identified and the roles they are then assigned

2. The systems, information, and other areas protected by IAM

3. The correct levels of protection and access for sensitive data, systems, information, and locations

4. Adding, removing, and amending individuals in the IAM system

5. Adding, removing, and amending a role’s access rights in the IAM system

Audit & Assurance

Auditor plays a very important role in helping companies manage and respond to risks.

1. IT-enabled transformation

2. Identity and access management

3. Security

4. Business effectiveness

5. Business intelligence

Managed Security Service

Outsource your Security to NGTS to receive the ultimate service.

1. On-site consulting

2. Compliance monitoring

3. Penetration testing and vulnerability assessments

4. Managed security monitoring

5. Perimeter management of the client’s network